An Invitation to Unwrap The Greatest Gift

Are you one of those…

One of those that prays the holiday season comes and goes…quickly.

One of those that pull the covers over your head in hopes that you won’t feel the sting of all the holiday’s bring.

One of those who finds yourself as stranger around your table of heritage.

One of those that never slows down, never pauses to breath in the family that gathers, the gifts unwrapped, the still of Him, Jesus, coming for you.

However this holiday season finds you, I’d like to invite you on a journey of pausing, stillness, slowing in hopes of not missing the hope offered, the giver of all things…Emmanuel.

Come with me?


I am thrilled, Beloved, to have you with me on our journey in making space in the fast pace, for peace to saturate your heart, to discover your lineage, to unwrap the full love story of Christmas, The Greatest Gift.

What you will need for the journey:

  • The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp (WAIT!! If you do not have your copy yet, no worries. I’ll read to you!!)
  • Your Bible
  • A heart open to recieve…to give.
  • Join me each day for the unwrapping of The Greatest Gift, here on the blog.

Some things you may want for the journey:

  • An Advent Calendar or
  • A Jesse Tree
  • Candles for each day (25) of the journey.


Disclaimer (if I may):  I am just an ordinary girl, with child-like faith. I do not have fancy equipment and lights. There is nothing spectacular about my writing, videos or recordings other than the source to which they are driven.




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