Living By Faith. The Greatest Gift Advent Journey

The birth of the child into the darkness of the world made possible not just a new way of understanding life but a new way of living it. — FREDRICK BUECHNER

“It’s strange how that happens–that any place becomes the Promised Land when the blessing of His presence becomes the gift we receive–and give.”


They come wrapped in many forms, and are limitless. Parents, step-parents, siblings, the aunt and uncle that cover you in grace while everyone else shakes their head or their fist, the cousin or more like sister, the legacy of a grandmother with hair like fire, the friends that God threads into our lives that are more like family, the random text messages from a sister in Christ that penetrates to the very core of your spirit and fills us with God’s Truth….

the husband…the three cord strand strength of the marriage covenant, the green-eyed carrier of grace – only child of this girl so young and broken, the two beautiful children that come along with the I do’s of the said marriage covenant……

the letting go of regret…the apology made…forgivness recieved and given…the letter written to the unborn baby given no chance, the tears once choked back erupting from the deep….

the spacious place of His presence.

The all of His blessings have brought me to this place of Living by Faith.

I’m learning……this whole living by faith, and God in His magnificent way, knows just how to make my journey all the grander. You see I am one of those…one of those “crazy people who quit their job, take the child tossed aside, abandoned, orphaned and love them…love them like crazy…for a season…until they are reunited with other family or with a family that has been praying for a child of their own. It’s the blessing of receiving and giving. It’s living by faith. Faith in grace…Faith in timing…Faith in His coming.

*****How are you living by faith? I’d love you hear from you!!*****

The Greatest Gift Moments of Reflection

  • How has God blessed you, as He blessed Abram?
  • In what ways have other people overflowed God’s grace into your life?
  • What are some ways you can be a blessing to others?

One response to “Living By Faith. The Greatest Gift Advent Journey

  • Tricia

    Your writings are as beautiful as Ann’s. You paint the pictures and I feel your emotions. I love your heart and how you are sharing it with us.


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