Laughter! Day 6 The Greatest Gift Journey

“Laughter–it’s all oxygenated grace.”

I love to laugh, you know the kind…to the point you’re begging to stop, because the ripping sensation in your stomach…the needing a paper sack just to catch your breath.


I wonder if that’s what Sarah experienced when God spoke pregnancy over her old and barren life? If her face was in pain and her eyes swollen from the laughter.

Have you been there? Has someone shocked you with a statement of request that makes you erupt in laughter even now?

Has God asked you to do something that is laughter worthy, almost ridiculous, to the point you question if it were Him?

Go ahead laugh. Make it fun. Then…..

Accept. Obey. The joy and hope that fills you because of it will bring on a downpour of Holy laughter…peace…Him.

He’s coming!!

Laugh! It’s all grace…coming for you!


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