God Provides! The Greatest Gift Advent Journey Day 7

“God always sees–and He always sees to it.”

This story of God testing Abraham has always intrigued me…always pulled me in deeper.

Why would God ask Abraham to sacrifice his only…his God promised son? It seems so out of character for Him, it went against the very grain of His nature. For years, I thought this gruesome and over the top, as a little girl I can remember thinking that was “mean God”. As I grow closer in Him, He has revealed to me the answer…it can be found in the thickets. Had there not been a promised son, not been a test, not been obedience, we would have missed the ram. In the thickets.

He provided that day not only for Abraham, not only for Issac but for you. for me. It foreshadowed Himself coming.

There was one other thing I explored in deeper waters….the parallel to Jesus, the only begotten Son and God… because God always sees me…He always sees to me. He SO loves me. I found it…in these two places, the first mention of love is in our reading, God said to Abraham, take your son, your only son whom you love and sacrifice him as a burnt offering.

LOVE is the vehicle to obedience…obedience is the vehicle to PROVISION.

Take comfort in the assurance that you cannot perform, worry or produce your way into Christmas….Advent….His coming for you…His provision is in the thickets.

He sees you…He is seeing to you.

The Greatest Gift Moments of Reflection

  • When do you feel the pressure to perform, to produce?
  • Name the ways God has provided grace for the gaps in your life.
  • Take the time to thank God for the ultimate gift of salvation

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