The Stairway of God. The Greatest Gift Advent Journey Day 8

Surely, The Lord is in this place and I wasn’t even aware of it!”

Why did Jacob run from his home?
If we look back a smidgen, a few verses, we learn of the exit of Jacob from Beersheba. A little family dysfunction grabs hold and Jacob is blessed with the blessing of his father, intended for his brother Esau. Esau wept, and anger enraged him, vowing to kill Jacob.

What makes us run, become homeless? Aimless? Sleepless? Friendless? Bankrupt? Anxious? Guilty? Fearful? Hopeless?

If we are honest with ourselves, we run from the very things God wants to use to draw us near to Him, these things, happenings, circumstances, are but scarlet threads used to weave us into knowing our true identity.
Stop.  This circle of hopelessness we run.

The God who met Jacob unsolicited and without reproach is the God reaching for you now.
A ladder.
A love that comes down.
And Grace to carry you.

When your past and your lowest encounter Him, they become the very stairway to His Glory revealed in you.

The Greatest Gift Moments of Reflection

  • When do you find yourself striving, reaching, grasping for the next rung to try to pull yourself closer to God?
  • How would your perspective on the dailyness of life change if you could see that here is holy?
  • Take a moment to thank Jesus for being the ladder to heaven and to God.

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