A Covenant of Love. The Greatest Gift Advent Journey Day 10

I am more sinful and flawed than I ever dared believe, more loved and welcomed than I ever dared hope. –Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

Oh the love I find in these commandments given to us on the 2 tablets of stone. It hasn’t always been this way, for most of my Christian life I avoided them, and if I am honest, the entire Old Testament. I, then, was met with what I thought was condemnation and would quickly say to myself…the Old Testament and all it holds doesn’t mean anything…it’s old and all things have been made new.

God help this thought pattern…..and with all His grace….HE DID!

A few years ago I buried myself in the Old Testament. In the burial, I found myself covered like the chuppah, I was covered in Truth. Like a mikveh, my stoney, stubborn heart began to purify. Like a ketubah, this contract for love is the very essence of living.

It is all part of my undoing. As you may have picked up on in the video, this message to us, children of God, is one that is so full of Truth, the enemy goes to great length to twist it, crush it, and pervert it. (usually, I record without fear of perfection and performance. It is what it is..kinda. This particular day, the camera cut off numerous times, our little whirlwind of grace was “off the chain”, the lights flickered, and the tears welled and I….just kept reading.

Oh that their hearts….Oh that my heart, your heart!

Because it’s my heart that these words speak to.

However God’s Word finds you…still your heart, speak these words, feel how they saturate you…quicken you…lavish you with His full-on desire for you to be with Him, like Him, committed to Him as He to you. A love to the death.

Jesus. The fulfillment of these commands.

Jesus. The spirit of Christmas.

Jesus. The very substance of Advent.

Oh that our hearts might receive this…in the love that it was written, given to us and fulfilled for us.

“To love vertically, to love horizontally, to love relationship–and it’s not a suggestion.”


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