Where Are You? Day 3, The Greatest Gift Advent Journey

Did you catch the Awe of the question of the Old & New Testament?

Where are you?

I am waiting. Not the jittery, all over the place waiting feeling, but the not really knowing what is about to happen other than something extroidary is.  You know…like little ones on Christmas Eve…like Mary throughout her journey to the manger.

Where is He?

He is purging through the innermost of my heart, it is, above all, wicked and decietful, (Jeremiah 17:9) and exposing the hidden things, the lies that were never meant to be there in the first place. A beautiful picture of my brokeness and He being all that will satisfy.

Let us never give up seeking more and more deeply Him who will never give up on you, Him who reaches for you, Him who rescues you, Him who remakes you. No matter how far, how deep, how long its been in your seeking Him, He is there with an out stretched extention of mercy, to reach you, to hold you, to draw you near.

The Greatest Gift  Moment of Reflection

  • What would you say if God called out to you now, “Where are you?”
  • What does it meant to you that God seeks you out and finds you when you are far from Him?
  • What places deep within your soul do you long for the Lord to seek out during this season?

The Begining. The Greatest Gift Advent Journey

Wow! I am grateful you have returned. After the meltdown of my last attempt to post, I wondered if even I would return! Ohhh the grace of it all!!

We must be sure of the infinite good that is done to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, in order that we my be ravished in love with our God and inflamed with a right affection to obey Him, and keep ourselves strictly in awe of Him. – John Calvin

The word ravish stirred me…provoked me…sent me on a search for the awe, the wonder of it. I was caught with mouth wide-open in my findings…

Ravish: to fill with strong emotion, especially joy.      Then this, the synonyms, …….entrance and enraptured.

Search it out. Don’t miss the wonder of it!

The empty, a formless mass of the earth provides for us the setting of creation. God created the earth and universe out of pure adoration for us and in all of its canvas, is a tool — a ravishing WONDERful God, Father provides for us, His beloved a playground of wonder! An exaltation of Himself!!

I had missed it. Everytime. But…this time it winked at me, as if to draw me in.  “Let us”

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Genesis 1:26

This reference saturated me with peace and assurance, Jesus, the Messiah, our Savior was architecturally involved in His coming for you, for me! How divine, the Trinity at work in the unwrapping of our greatest gift!

Christmas is here. Slow down. Breath Him in. Seek Him out. Pause, in the Awe of Him!


The Greatest Gift Moment of Reflection

  • What in the whole blue marble of God’s world causes you to pause in wonder?
  • What does it mean to you that you were made out of the overflow of God’s love?
  • Think of three people who are not easy to love. What would it look like to love those people with God’s love?

Day 1 The Greatest Gift Advent

My apologies for the lateness.

Through the wailing of tears on failed attempts to load the video and the many takes to figure it out we did it. Forgive the raspy voice and the pauses to keep it together…this has truly been an undoing of me.

With the purest of heart December 1st 2014. Day 1 of The Greatest Gift Advent Journey.


A moment of reflection (as written by Ann Voskamp)

  • In what ways do you feel like a lifeless stump, longing fo a tender shoot of hope?
  • What are you waiting for, yearning for this season?
  • Where can you see new life coming in what you may have considered dead?


Ponder, Pray, Get quiet with the Savior that beckons you near.



An Invitation to Unwrap The Greatest Gift

Are you one of those…

One of those that prays the holiday season comes and goes…quickly.

One of those that pull the covers over your head in hopes that you won’t feel the sting of all the holiday’s bring.

One of those who finds yourself as stranger around your table of heritage.

One of those that never slows down, never pauses to breath in the family that gathers, the gifts unwrapped, the still of Him, Jesus, coming for you.

However this holiday season finds you, I’d like to invite you on a journey of pausing, stillness, slowing in hopes of not missing the hope offered, the giver of all things…Emmanuel.

Come with me?


I am thrilled, Beloved, to have you with me on our journey in making space in the fast pace, for peace to saturate your heart, to discover your lineage, to unwrap the full love story of Christmas, The Greatest Gift.

What you will need for the journey:

  • The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp (WAIT!! If you do not have your copy yet, no worries. I’ll read to you!!)
  • Your Bible
  • A heart open to recieve…to give.
  • Join me each day for the unwrapping of The Greatest Gift, here on the blog.

Some things you may want for the journey:

  • An Advent Calendar or
  • A Jesse Tree
  • Candles for each day (25) of the journey.


Disclaimer (if I may):  I am just an ordinary girl, with child-like faith. I do not have fancy equipment and lights. There is nothing spectacular about my writing, videos or recordings other than the source to which they are driven.



A Magnificent Trade

I have two amazing step (I personally loathe that term. But, any whoo…) children that I love and cherish with my whole heart. However, Ashton is my only child. For nearly the first 6 years of her life it was just the two of us. We shared a bed, a seat at a super small table and every day together. I love her dimples. I love her smile. I love her sparkling green eyes. I love how her hair falls into mahogany ringlets. I love the quirky way she walks. I love how she marches to the beat of her own drum. I love her laugh…its indescribable and contagious. I love, that no matter what…she never really matches. I love the pouty look she gives when she doesn’t get her way. I love her.

When I was pregnant, like most mothers, I dreamt of her life, made plans for her and prayed that I would be the best mom ever and promised that I would do whatever to give her the “best life”.


Now, approaching 15 years later…I am celebrating her life with abandon…abandon of me, my control, my way, my plans. Not because I give up…Oh no…but because I believe and have prayed God’s promise of, delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4) God knows the desires I have for her, the details….are His. Solely.


Our children do not become idols because we love them too much. It happens as we neglect the wisdom and grace extended to us to teach and pull out the God given potential they are created for.

This giving up control has been a wandering season of my walking with Jesus. It’s been part of my undoing…and I couldn’t be more grateful for this magnificent trade.

Today let’s pray that our desire for perfection for these beautiful lives are traded for the wisdom to teach and pull out their God given gifting’s and potential. God, give us eyes to see and ears to hear your ways.  Amen.





Hi. I’m new here. Well…kinda! I created this blog a couple of years ago with all the intentions of actually putting it to use. Then, I came undone. I pray you will find hope and an extension of mercy in my journey of undoing.

Here goes……(deep breath)

“God has a plan for you Becca! I see it, He wants to use you for something BIG. Let Him!” -Jena Forehand

Those words were the lyrics to the melody the Holy Spirit was and continues to sing over my life.

It was 3 years ago, this beautiful confirming song. At first, I was reluctant to speak up much less put myself out there. I was clear on God’s invitation to journey toward knowing Him…fully…intimately and extending the invite to other women to journey alongside me. The how….not so clear.

Lies flooded my heart.

I was afraid.

For a year I hid. I struggled…excuse after excuse.

Then…..One year ago….I DID IT!!! I sent an invitation, without agenda, without worry of who would accept.  I waited at my house that Saturday morning with a terrified excitement. Women began arriving…it was an awe moment. I felt a beautiful peace, God was there among us…with His completely surrendered daughter.

Month after month women have gathered around a table…broke open the bread of life and …..there a magnificent beginning to a  journey of undoing.

My heart is for women, of all walks of life and ages, from this city…this state…this country…this world to accept the invitation of undoing.  To empower women to seek out, to know…our Lord. To equip them with Truth and tools to use their gifts to further extend this invitation until every table is gathered around and every journey begins.

You’re Invited.

Let’s journey.